How to retrieve deleted emails from Gmail macbook?

How to retrieve deleted emails from Gmail macbook

How to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Emails from a Mac?

Have you unintentionally deleted emails on your Mac? Don’t worry; they aren’t truly gone forever as a result of this. The good news is that you should be able to easily recover deleted emails on Mac, whether the emails vanished by themselves due to hardware problems or you merely hit the wrong button. This article describes, How to retrieve deleted emails from Gmail macbook. Also recover  from web email services including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and Apple Mail. To recover permanently deleted emails on Mac, you can now download iBoysoft.

To recover permanently deleted emails on Mac

Our daily lives depend heavily on emails, which we access through email applications like Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook or web browsers like Google. It should go without saying that you occasionally send and receive emails containing important information.

The issue is that it’s easy to mistakenly delete these crucial emails. You probably came here to hunt for ways to recover the emails you mistakenly erased for the same reason. Here, we’ll talk about whether it’s possible to recover deleted or permanently wiped emails on a Mac and offer some potential fixes.

How to permanently restore deleted or erased emails on a Mac:    

Can deleted emails be recovered?

Depends, really. Emails that have been deleted can be recovered until they are completely gone. Deleted emails often remain in the Trash or Deleted Items mailbox for 30 days. The deleted messages can also be configured to disappear after a day, a week, or whenever you manually empty the trash. In most circumstances, you can still simply recover the deleted emails within the allotted period even if you don’t empty the trash.

However, because webmail services only save the emails on the server and don’t keep a local duplicate of them, if the emails are permanently erased, they are frequently impossible to recover. However, there are some exceptions, such as Outlook and Gmail Workspace accounts, that provide you with the opportunity to recover deleted emails even after they have been deleted forever.

Let’s say you manage your emails with a program like Apple Mail. If the deleted emails haven’t been overwritten, you may still be able to recover them via a Time Machine backup or using a third-party deleted email recovery program.

How can deleted emails be recovered on a Mac using email programs like Apple Mail?

Through the email program Apple Mail, a large number of Mac users receive and send emails from different email accounts. With Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, and other well-known email servers, it functions without a hitch. 

Additionally, Apple Mail downloads all of your account’s email messages to your Mac’s hard disk, which enables data recovery if an email is completely deleted.

You can retrieve deleted messages from the trash if you haven’t completely removed them:

  1. Launch the Apple Mail program.
  2. Drag the deleted email from the Trash Mailbox to the left sidebar, where you can put it into your Inbox or other chosen folders. 
  3. Alternately, right-click on the email you want to move, choose Move to, and then specify a location.

right-click on the email you want to move

How can I get my Apple Mail-deleted emails back on my Mac?

You can retrieve an email that has been permanently erased using email recovery software or using a backup.

Choice 1:

Time Machine: Recover deleted emails permanently

You can simply restore the permanently deleted item with Time Machine if you have used it to back up your Mac with the lost emails included.

To recover permanently deleted emails with Time Machine:

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Select “Go to Folder” from the top-level Go menu.
  3. Copy and paste /Library/Mail, then hit Enter.
  4. Connect your Mac and the Time Machine backup disc.
  5. Either double-click the application from Launchpad or click the Time Machine symbol in the top-right menu bar and select Enter Time Machine.

To find the backup with the emails that were permanently deleted, use the timeline on the right side of the Up and Down arrows.      

The Mail folder, which has at least one subfolder with an alphabetical name like V9, will be displayed by Time Machine. This subfolder has a number of folders with arbitrary names that you can explore to find the folder containing all of the email messages (it has the mbox extension).    

Press the Space bar to preview the emails’ contents after finding the ones you want, which frequently have the. emlx extension.

  • Click Restore after selecting the desired email.

Click Restore after selecting the desired email

As long as the copy hasn’t been deleted, you can still recover the deleted email using local snapshots if the backup disc isn’t accessible (follow the identical instructions above but with an external disc connected).

Apple claims that Time Machine stores one local snapshot per hour for a total of 24 hours. The only remaining option, if you don’t have a backup of the deleted email, is to employ email recovery software.

Choice 2:

Use email data recovery software to recover permanently erased emails.

Technically speaking, unless other files occupy the storage space where the deleted email had resided on your Mac, it is not truly gone.

Because of this, data recovery is feasible. But it’s more difficult to recover data from MacBooks with SSDs, which are standard on most Macs. After an email has been permanently destroyed on an SSD, macOS will send a TRIM command to remove the pages or blocks containing the email.

Even so, there is still some optimism. There is still a chance to retrieve the irreversibly erased emails on a Mac because some SSDs employ a queued TRIM that only executes the erasing command while the Mac is inactive. You should cease saving any files to the drive to prevent it from overwriting the deleted email and begin email recovery using iBoysoft Data Recovery as soon as you can to enhance the likelihood of recovery.

The finest program for recovering deleted emails on a Mac is iBoysoft Data Recovery. It supports the most common email message formats, including MSG, EML, EMLX, OST, MBOX, etc., and boasts a high success rate for data recovery.

How do I use iBoysoft Data Recovery to restore deleted emails on a MacBook Pro?

  • Install iBoysoft Data Recovery first.
  • Click Finder > Applications > iBoysoft Data Recovery to start the program. If prompted, you might be required to enter your password.
  • After choosing your Mac’s hard drive, click Scan.
  • Use path, type, and time filters to locate the deleted emails. Search using the emlx extension if you choose.

Search using the emlx extension if you choose

  • Click Recover after selecting the deleted email.
  • Store the restored emails on another partition.

How can I get my Mac’s deleted emails back from webmail like Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud?

The steps to recover deleted emails from Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud Mail, three of the most popular webmail providers, are listed in this section. It’s important to note that most web email services do not allow you to restore permanently deleted emails. However, because Gmail and Outlook offer added capabilities to aid in getting them back, you might have a shot with them.

If you also use an email client to send and receive emails, and the email client hasn’t yet synchronized with the webmail server, you may still be able to recover permanently erased emails.

In that situation, you should turn off your internet connection to prevent the email server and email client from exchanging messages, then open your email client to check if the desired emails are present. If you are lucky, immediately copy them to a safe place.

How do I get my Mac’s deleted Gmail emails back?

Here are three methods for recovering emails that have been lost or erased forever from Gmail on Mac.

  1. To restore deleted emails from Gmail’s Trash:
  2. Using a web browser, gain access to your Gmail account.
  3. Choose the Trash folder by navigating to the bottom of the label list on the left.
  4. Search for the email you unintentionally destroyed.
  5. Click the Move to a symbol on the right-click menu of the desired email and then select Inbox.

right-click menu of the desired email and then select Inbox

It’s probably off if you can’t see the Trash label. Locate Manage Labels, then select Show after finding Trash in the System Labels column.  

 Deleted emails that were unintentionally recovered:

Google features an email recovery service that enables you to request the recovery of deleted emails if they were deleted as a result of unauthorized access to your account. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Visit the webpage for the Gmail Message Recovery Tool.
  2. To continue, click twice.
  3. After that, Google will let you know if and when you may get your deleted emails back.

From Google Workspace, restore permanently deleted Gmail emails as follows:

If you use Gmail with a Google Workspace account, you get an additional 25 days to recover emails that have been permanently erased. Keep in mind that in order to execute the data recovery, your Workspace admin must sign into the admin panel the Google Workspace panel, then.

  1. Enter the administrator’s account.
  2. To view every user in the workspace, click Users.
  3. Find the user account from which you want to restore the deleted emails.
  4. Click More > Data Restoration.
  5. You must specify a data range that is within the last 25 days.
  6. From the drop-down selection for Applications. 
  7. select Gmail. Next, select Resto.

It can take Google a few days to recover the selected user’s emails.

It can take Google a few days to recover the selected user's emails

How may permanently delete emails from Outlook on a Mac be recovered?

The following methods can be followed to quickly retrieve deleted items from Outlook’s Deleted Items folder within 30 days:

  • Enter your Outlook login information.
  • In the left pane, select the Deleted Items folder.
  • Click Restore after selecting the email you want to restore.

Click Restore after selecting the email you want to restore

Within 30 days, you might be able to recover emails that have been permanently deleted or that have been erased from the Deleted Items folder. In that situation, you must use your Mac to access the Recoverable Items folder. Note that a mobile browser cannot access it.

  • Access Outlook.
  • The Deleted Items folder can be chosen.
  • Simply select “Recover deleted items.” 

Simply select "Recover deleted items."

  • Choose Recover after selecting the desired email.      

The chosen things will be put back in the original folder. If the original folder is likewise destroyed, the deleted email will be returned to your inbox.

How can I get my deleted iCloud Mail emails back?

  1. Log in to with your Apple ID. 
  2. To read your iCloud emails, click Mail.
  3. In the left sidebar, select the Trash mailbox.
  4. Choose a location for the restoration after selecting the deleted email and clicking the Move button.

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