How to Extract OGG Audio File from DVD?

How to Extract OGG Audio File from DVD

MP3 may be the most popular audio file type in the world, but it doesn’t offer efficient streaming, nor does it offer high-quality audio. OGG audio is an alternative to MP3, and luckily it has these qualities and is free and open source. It’s especially ideal if you want to preserve the original audio quality, which is one such case when ripping audio from DVDs. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you might want to know about OGG audio, as well as how to convert DVD to OGG with some dedicated software tools.

About OGG

OGG is an audio file format developed and maintained by the Xiph Foundation. Its main purpose is to provide efficient streaming as well as maintenance of high-quality audio files. This container format can reuse multiple independent video, audio, text, and metadata streams. OGG files use lossy techniques to filter audio ranges (some of which are inaudible to the human ear). OGG audio files also support 2 to 256 channels with superior sound quality.

For reference, MP3 audio supports joint stereo, but the sound quality is inferior compared to OGG. The compression bitrate in OGG audio files is variable, but it changes based on the needs of the file. In contrast, the bitrate compression of MP3 files is always constant. Compressed OGG files are also smaller in size than MP3 files (and OGG files will still maintain excellent sound quality), which makes it easier to share them via channels with certain restrictions.

OGG is an audio file format developed by the Xiph Foundation

Convert DVD to OGG with the best DVD ripper

As an audio file format that offers superior sound quality compared to MP3, OGG is ideal in situations where you just want to preserve the original sound quality. If you want to rip audio from DVDs (especially those containing music videos, talk shows, or content suitable for listening) and save them to the OGG file format, then you will need a suitable DVD ripper that supports this file format. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is one such DVD ripping tool that supports this file format and includes other advanced features that make it the best DVD ripping tool. Here are some of the benefits and features of this software.

  • Decrypt and rip DVD discs using disc protection and region codes
  • Convert DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV and other 300+ HD/SD formats
  • Convert DVD master movie to video to save space
  • Add subtitles to DVD.
  • Edit DVD in different ways, add effects, merge, watermark, cut, clip, crop, etc.
  • Convert DVD movies to digital devices, such as phones, laptops, TVs, tablets and more.

How to convert DVD to OGG with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro?

The software has many more features, which you can learn about from the product page. It is available for Windows, after downloading the software, follow the steps below to convert DVD to OGG. You can also ask this vendor for help if you are looking for the best free DVD ripper, their interface is similar and the usage tutorial is the same.

Step 1: Load the source DVD disc.

Launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro and click the “DVD Disc” button. Select your DVD drive and press OK to scan the DVD content and remove all DVD copy protection in the process. By the way, you can also import a DVD ISO image or the entire Video_TS folder.

Step 2: Select the output format – OGG.

This smart tool automatically selects all the correct DVD titles for you. Afterwards, press the large “Format” image on the right to expand the full list of over 300 configuration presets. To rip DVD to OGG, just go to the “Audio” category and select the “OGG” profile. You are free to choose any other audio format according to your needs.

Step 3: Extract OGG from DVD.

Specify the output folder at the bottom. Finally, click the “RUN” button to rip DVD to OGG instantly.

By default, the OGG profile is preset to OGG FLAC. If you want a different OGG format like Vorbis, just open the Settings column and change the audio encoder there. By the way, you can also change audio bitrate, channels, sample rate and volume.

Step 3: Extract OGG from DVD.

Final words

We do not promote any copyright infringement and all information provided in this article is for fair use only to make a digital copy of a personal DVD. Find out beforehand whether ripping DVDs is legal in your country.

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