Growth Of Social Commerce And Mobile Shopping

Commerce And Mobile Shopping

Social commerce and mobile shopping have seen tremendous growth in recent years. Here’s an in-depth look at the trends fueling their rise in popularity. Shopping directly on social platforms is projected to grow 3 times faster than traditional e-commerce, on track to represent over 17% of all online retail spending by 2025 according to market researchers. 

The result is a retail revolution where social drives discovery, mobile enables 1-click transactions, and buying happens everywhere consumers view content.

The Social Media Catalyst

Here are all the social media catalyst information mentioned below:

  • Social platforms becoming shoppable with product tags in posts and social influencer partnerships.
  • 130M users now tap to reveal tags and buy products in social app posts monthly.
  • Social commerce is expecting to grow 3x faster than traditional e-commerce.
  • By 2025, 17% of online retail spending will happen via social buying.
  • Social apps adding more native shopping features like Venmo promo code $20 deals.
  • Social buying enables discovery and transactions in a seamless experience.
  • Venmo promo code $20 deals and social commerce merge entertainment and shopping.
  • Social platforms fundamentally change how consumers find and purchase products.

The Mobile Movement

Look below to know more about mobile movement. Points are mentioned read thoroughly:

  • Phones are now the predominant device for accessing social media and shopping online.
  • Retail brands are rapidly responding as well, beefing up their dedicated mobile app experiences
  • Mobile accounted for 63% of digital commerce spending in 2022. This trend is led by younger generations.
  • Newer shopping features like shoppable livestreams and in-app stores work seamlessly on mobile.
  • Retail apps saw a 176% growth in monthly active users from 2018 to 2022. Downloads continue to surge year over year.
  • Retail brands are rapidly responding as well
  • Monthly active users of top retail apps surged 176% between 2018 and 2022.
  • App downloads and usage continue to see double-digit year-over-year.
  • Venmo is trusted online payment platform and customers happily utilize their venmo promo code $20 offer on their handy mobile phones, Using it is as easy as opening IG.
  • Robust app features like AR product visualization and location-based notifications 

Value Of Immediacy

Here we have mentioned all the information about the value of immediacy.

  • Social commerce and mobile allow for instantaneous shopping gratification. See a product and buy it with a few taps.
  • There is no lengthy checkout.
  • Limited edition “drop” launches build social buzz and hype on mobile. Items sell out quickly, creating excitement and urgency.
  • Buy now” checkout eliminates friction and capitalizes on desire for spontaneous purchases.
  • capability to spark impulse purchases based on social influence and scarcity is extremely valuable.
  • FOMO (fear of missing out) dominates, especially among Gen Z consumers desperate to own the latest viral items.

Mainstream Adoption

Here we have mentioned all the points of mainstream adoption. 

  • Retailers embrace social shopping via Instagram Shops and live events, aided by temu coupon deals.
  • Virtual try-on with AR brings an in-store element to apps, appealing to Temu coupon shoppers.
  • As brands participate, social commerce gains legitimacy beyond just trendsetters using temu coupon discounts.
  • Retail media ads expand social’s role in the sales funnel and Temu coupon redemption.
  • Top brands on social apps legitimize security and convenience, attracting temu coupon shoppers.
  • H&M to Sephora have set up shoppable Instagram/TikTok stores offers.
  • Temu is another mainstream shopping brand like H&M and they offer wide variety of Temu coupons, so anyone can shop while saving for another buying.
  • Innovations make social shopping more mainstream when paired with Temu coupon promotions.


In closing, the massive growth of social commerce represents a power shift in retail influenced by the dominance of mobile technology. Shopping is now crase into the very social media platforms where people spend hours daily interacting with friends and influencers. The path to purchase looks completely different compared to just 5-10 years ago.

Younger generations like Gen Z in particular have been the early adopters fueling this transformation in shopping behavior and expectations. But savvy platforms and retailers are bringing onboard older consumers as well with innovations like shoppable live video and augmented reality try-on capabilities. Social shopping lowers barriers and builds confidence.

Brands will need to continue optimizing products and marketing for these social environments in order to engage consumers. Dedicated social commerce strategies will become mandatory. 

What Product Categories Are Most Popular For Social Commerce Purchases?

Fashion and beauty products are sold most often, given social’s visual nature. But categories like home goods and specialty foods are also growing.

Can I Easily Share Or Save Social Media Product Listings?

Yes, social apps provide options to share product tags and links via messaging, email, etc. You can also save posts in built-in wishlists and collections.

Is My Payment Info Secure When Shopping On Social Apps?

Social platforms use advanced encryption and tokenization to protect payment data. Purchases are also covered by fraud protections from the payment provider.

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